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Math Can Be Enjoyable and Practical

By presenting engaging and math-relevant real-life examples and applications, we cultivate children’s interest, improve their analytical skills, and prepare them for academic success in primary and secondary school.

Align with World-class Curriculums

Mathplore courses are developed to meet the rigorous standards set by world-class curriculums, such as the Singapore MOE Syllabus and U.S. CCSS for Mathematics, etc.

Thanks to Mathplore, my child has developed a newfound love for math and has seen marked improvement in both the grades and confidence.

John’s mom, Grade 2

Curriculum Organisation

  • Number and Algebra

    Aquire numerical and operational concepts for everyday use and continuous learning in Math.

  • Reasoning and Strategy

    Apply a range of mathematical methods to solve problems and improve logical thinking and reasoning.

  • Geometry and Measurement

    Develop proficiency in spatial visualisation skills and inspire the potential of imagination and innovation.

  • Problem Solving

    Develop thinking, application and metacognitive skills through mathematical approaches to problem-solving.

Teaching Content

  • Number and Algebra

    Addition and Subtraction within 100, Column Puzzles with Addition and Subtraction, Concepts of Multiplication and Division, etc.

  • Geometry and Measurement

    Identify, Name, Describe, and Classify 2D Shapes, Divide 2D Shapes Equally, etc.

  • Reasoning and Strategy

    Sudoku Puzzles, Match Puzzles, Word Problems Involving Algebraic Substitution, etc.

  • Problem Solving

    Time, Measure and Compare, Ordinal Number Word Problems, etc.

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