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  • Lisa’s mom

    Grade 2
    The teacher is very friendly and working with kids very actively. Kids are having fun and learning math. My girl loves to learn in Mathplore. She’s always excited to learn new math skills.
  • William’s mom

    Grade 3
    My son loves the Mathplore classes. The teachers encourage and motivate him to do his best. He’s much more confident in his math class after he started Mathplore.

Our Math Teachers Are:

  • Highly experienced with 5+ years of expertise in the field of math education
  • Passionate about imparting the beauty and power of mathematics to children
  • Committed to ensuring that every child feels valued and heard
  • Thoroughly screened for teaching ability

Kids Thrive with Our Teaching Approach

Our teaching approach is both effective and engaging for children. We believe that learning should be an enjoyable experience, and we strive to make math a fun and accessible subject for children. Through our carefully crafted teaching method, we’ve seen firsthand how children thrive and excel in their math skills.

Talented Team of Teachers

Our team of experienced teachers are passionate about helping children develop a deep understanding of math concepts and problem-solving skills, and we’re committed to providing a positive and nurturing environment that encourages growth and achievement. We’re excited to continue helping children unlock their full potential in this important subject.

Mathplore Gets Results


Improvement in Math Skills

93% of parents report a remarkable growth in their child’s math skills.


Increase in Confidence

93% of parents report an improvement in their child’s math confidence and interest in math learning.


Increase in School Grades

90% of parents report an improvement in their child’s school grades.

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